Finding mold in my house

For the past couple of months I have been feeling really sick.

  • I am a relatively healthy person.

I like to exercise and eat really healthy. So I had no idea how I was getting so sick. I tried to take medicine and even went to the doctor about it, but nothing seemed to be working. Finally, I called my dad to see if he could offer me any suggestions. I suggested to look in my HVAC closet and make sure that no extra moisture was getting into the air. I didn’t think that moisture from my HVAC unit would be an issue, until I opened up the closet. Upon, opening my HVAC closet I saw a ton of mold covering every wall. The mold was all over the vents too. I knew right away that this was what getting me sick. I called my landlord to have him schedule an appointment with a local HVAC company. He was hesitant at first until I showed him the pictures of the mold covering the HVAC closet. I was really freaked out by the mold and I told him I wanted him to pay for a hotel for a few days so I could get away from the mold while the HVAC company was fixing the issue. I was shocked when he agreed and said the HVAC company would be out in the next couple of days so that I could get back into a normal routine. I really hope the HVAC company can help me figure out what is wrong so I don’t have to breathe in this mold anymore.

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