Added a lanai with HVAC for the dog

When Sally and Harry brought their pug home, all of us were immediately in love; the pug was a little thing, plus had so much spark plus spunk.

As their pug continued to get older, all of us became more plus more in love with him.

Harry and Sally knew all of us enjoyed him, so when his biological mother had more pups, all of us right away knew all of us wanted a single! It was perfect, because our dogs were siblings plus they could be together all the time. Recently, Harry and Sally went on holiday plus left their pug with the other in-laws. When they returned from the trip, they came over plus showed us an image of their trip plus photos the other in-laws had taken with their pug. Apparently, the pug stayed in their lanai the whole week plus really enjoyed it! All he wanted to do was sit in the hot sunlight plus sleep. When I saw the photos, I knew all of us had to add a cozy lanai to our home for our pug! When I asked my husband about it, he said it would be easy to add, however hard to provide heating plus cooling. We met with our local Heating plus A/C provider plus seeked a professional idea, plus they said the same. However, once the lanai was built, all of us could rearrange our air duct to heat plus cool the space. If all of us wanted a simpler plus cheaper option, we could put in a portable AC device plus heater.

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