The fireplace is my favorite thing about the season

My mom and dad always decorate for the holidays. Christmas and Thanksgiving are my favorite, because we get to use the fireplace. Since we live in the southern half of the hemisphere, we rarely have the opportunity to use our fireplace. It only gets cold for a couple of months out of the year, and even then the temperatures are mild. We barely use the heat pump at all, even though our home has this special heating equipment. Instead, we use our fireplace whenever the temperatures are cold. Last Christmas, my mom bought some special packets to throw in the fireplace. These packets made the flames different colors of blue, red, and purple. Mom surprised us on Christmas eve. My dad made a huge roaring fire in the fireplace, and my mom threw two color packets on the pieces of oak, pine, and cedar wood. It was really pretty, and we watched the dancing colored flames for almost an hour. It was a magical sight and my brothers and I loved every minute. Even though we live in the southern region where it never snows, I couldn’t imagine ever living in a house that didn’t have a stone fireplace and family hearth. My parents always set our presents around the fireplace, and we read stories and look at family photos. There is something magical about the smell of burning wood. I think it’s why my brothers and I love to go camping too. We love sitting around the campfire and sharing stories, eating smores, and watching the night sky. We can even name every constellation in the sky.

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