It’s not the brightest idea to work on HVAC equipment without an HVAC certification

I have been told by many people that it’s not a good idea to try to work on your own HVAC equipment. Well, I have successfully cleaned out my outdoor A/C condenser unit and there are a lot of videos online that explain how to do things like this. One day, I decided to try to tune-up my HVAC unit. It ended up being a real mess because I really didn’t know what I was doing. My wife was saying that I really needed to call up the HVAC company before I caused some serious damage to the HVAC unit. I guess the outdoor A/C condenser unit was a walk in the park compared to working on the main HVAC unit. I finally gave up and called up the HVAC company. The HVAC service professional was saying how common it was for people to try to work on their own HVAC equipment, and most of the time they would fail. He said he has unfortunately came across all kinds of messes like this, and because of it, the cost to have everything fixed goes up. So unfortunately, I had to pay a rather hefty repair bill because of the mess I made, but at least we had our HVAC working great again! I now realize that if you are planning on working on HVAC equipment, you really should be HVAC certified. There definitely is a reason why people go to school for so long to become HVAC certified. There is a lot to learn and you also need to get experience out in the field.

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