Calling around for a free AC estimate

My wife and I have been living in our house for 6 years.

When we bought the house, the 3 ton HVAC unit was only a few years old.

It has lasted a long time, but it’s not working very well these days. In fact, my wife and I decided to call around and find someone to give us a free estimate. It took a lot of phone calls and research, because most HVAC companies in our town do not perform free estimates. Most of the HVAC companies wanted to charge a $59 fee that was only waived if we pay for the service now. Since we weren’t sure what was wrong with the AC unit, my wife and I did not know if we would be able to fix it right now. If the AC problem was something easy and cheap to fix, then we would probably pay for the repair now. If we needed a new motor or condenser, we would probably wait until tax time. We finally found a small mom-and-pop shop that agreed to look at the AC unit for no fee. When my wife and I found out that the AC unit could be repaired cheaply, we instantly hired the same company. If any one of those big HVAC companies would have agreed to look at our problem for free, they would have ended up with our $200 service call. I guess it pays to do a quality estimate at no charge. We will continue using the same HVAC company moving forward. They provided quality service with a friendly attitude.


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