Training athletes

I have been a cheerleading coach for the past fifteen years.

  • I own and operate an all-star gym where we train kids from ages three to eighteen.

We have multiple teams at each age level that range from beginners to advanced. Our teams travel across the country to compete. This is not the type of cheerleading where girls stand on the sidelines and fire up the crowd. Competitive cheerleading is an extremely physically demanding sport. The athletes are required to perform complicated stunts, tumbling, dance and jumps. They need to be especially strong, flexible and coordinated. The exertion level of a two-and-a-half minute routine requires a great deal of stamina. Competitive cheerleading is also one of the most dangerous sports. Injuries are frequent and severe. I need to make sure that the girls are prepared in every way possible. I teach them proper techniques to protect their safety. We drill the difficult maneuvers and skills so that each cheerleader knows exactly what to do. There is a great deal of physical training involved. During our practices, I have the athletes run, jump, lunge and squat. We do handstands, pushups, pull-ups and abdominal crunches. We lift weights, utilize resistance bands and jump rope. I make sure that the cheerleaders are properly conditioned. We target all the muscle groups and emphasize both cardio and strength training. We also talk about the importance of a thorough warmup and cooldown, hydration, sleep and nutrition. I hope to teach good habits that will support their health and fitness throughout their lives. My teams frequently win because my gym focuses on full-body and mental health.


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Getting back into exercise

I prepared my dinners over the weekend, froze them and made sure I was getting lots of vitamins and minerals

All during my school years, I was heavily involved in sports. I played soccer, basketball, softball and tennis. I was part of a competitive volleyball team that travelled across the country. Making the college team was a dream come true. The training sessions were intensive, and the schedule was demanding. Once I graduated and entered the workforce, my life changed dramatically. I was suddenly logging long hours at a computer. I spent five days a week sitting at a desk, staring at a monitor and typing on a keyboard. By the time I made the commute home at the end of the day, I was exhausted. I simply wanted to grab something quick to eat and go to bed. I was no longer working out or eating nutritious meals. It didn’t take long for me to gain weight and suffer all sorts of aches and pains. My neck, shoulders and back were constantly sore. I dealt with carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. My joints ached. I had difficulty sleeping, struggled to get out of bed in the morning and my productivity was negatively impacted. Since I was stressed and tired all the time, I dealt with headaches, problems with my skin and depression. I finally realized that I needed to reorganize my schedule and make my health and fitness a priority. Since I was always too tired to exercise when after the workday, I began setting my alarm an hour earlier in the mornings. At first, it was really difficult to get up and immediately workout. However, I felt so much better during the day that it was worth it. I also was far more conscientious about what I ate. I packed a healthy lunch rather than eating fast food. I prepared my dinners over the weekend, froze them and made sure I was getting lots of vitamins and minerals. I lost weight and regained my strength and stamina.

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Developing plantar fasciitis from running

When I first got married, my husband and I lived on a very tight budget.

There was no extra money for a gym membership or exercise equipment.

Since it’s always been really important to me to keep fit, I started running every day. It was the perfect way to workout without spending any money. I didn’t have specially designed clothing to wick away moisture or protect me from severe cold or heat. I ran in the rain, in the snow and no matter what the temperature was outside. I steadily increased my pace and distance and found new routes around the area. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to buy running shoes. I ran in a cheap pair of sneakers that I’d bought at Walmart. They were the same sneakers I wore for everyday use. They lacked proper arch support and the tread on the bottom had worn away. I eventually developed problems with my feet. It felt as if my arches were tearing open with every step. The pain stretched from my toes to my heels and eventually travelled up my calves. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and needed to quit running for a while. I iced my feet, rested them, stretched my muscles and took ibuprofen. For about a year, the pain was so severe that I had difficulty walking and sleeping at night. I was very unhappy about no longer being able to run. My feet eventually healed and after some research, I decided to try running barefoot. I created a smooth dirt path around the perimeter of my property. The path is free of sticks, rocks and anything that might cause injury. Running barefoot has proven beneficial to the health of my feet. I can now run without pain.

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Had the professionals fix our wood flooring in the new house

I was completely wrong about the professional job of stripping and waxing on my floors.

From the second I walked into my new dwelling, I knew I was going to live there. My partner and I had been searching for the best home for several years. Most dwellings had wall-to-wall carpeting and the flooring underneath wasn’t even done. I was hoping to have wood flooring throughout the dwelling. The flooring in our new dwelling definitely needed some work, however it wasn’t something we wouldn’t be able to handle. We definitely knew that the floors needed to be stripped and waxed. I saw all of the components both of us had to use and the expense of rental for floor stripping and waxing products, and I looked at my partner. I was trying to figure out what it would cost to call a professional who took care of floor stripping and waxing. He went up to the counter at the home center and asked if they had a professional who could do this type of work. He went through his book of professionals and provided us with a card. I was not able to wait to get back to my dwelling and call the floor stripping waxing business. I pretty much had to leave a message and wait for somebody to call me back. I was hoping to have the floor stripping and waxing handled before I moved in. I was completely wrong about the professional job of stripping and waxing on my floors. The professionals cost a good amount more than renting the components needed and buying the products, however they did great work, much better than what we could have done. When the flooring was finally finished, it was lovely. The colors of the natural wood flooring, shone through the wax. The wood appeared to be brand new and I couldn’t wait to have my family come for the holidays.


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Needed to have professional take care of our wood floors

From the moment I walked into my household, I easily knew I was going to live there. My family as well as I had been searching for the ideal lake house for almost 2 years. Most households had wall-to-wall carpeting as well as the flooring underneath wasn’t actually finished. I wanted wood flooring throughout the whole place. The flooring in our new household definitely needed some work, however it wasn’t something the people I was with and I couldn’t handle. Every one of us knew that the floors needed to be stripped as well as waxed. I saw all of the devices the people I was with and I had to use as well as the cost of rental for floor stripping as well as waxing products, as well as I looked at my wife. I was wondering what it would cost to contact a professional who handled floor stripping as well as waxing. She went up to the counter at the household center as well as asked if they had a professional who could take care of the work. She went through her book of professionals as well as provided us with a card. I couldn’t wait to get services from the floor stripping waxing dealer. I had to leave a message as well as wait for somebody to call me back. I was hoping to have the floor stripping as well as waxing taken care of before I moved in. I was wrong about the professional job of stripping as well as waxing on my floors. The professionals cost far more than renting the needed devices as well as buying the products, however they did a much better job than my wife as well as I could have done. When the flooring was finally completed, it was stunning. The colors of the natural wood flooring, totally were able to shine through the wax. The wood looked brand new as well as I wasn’t able to wait to have my extended family come for the holidays.

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The wedding

I have agreed to let my sister have her wedding at my house.

My house is pretty big and I have a lot of land to hold the reception.

But before their wedding takes place, I really need to replace my central heating and air conditioning system. The central heating and air conditioning system that I currently have is totally outdated and has been causing me problems. And if I am going to have a whole ton of people up here on my property, I am going to want them to be comfortable. I don’t want them having any issues with being too hot or too cold. In this case it would be being too hot and stuffy. It is going to be a hot summer this year over here, and the wedding is set for dead in the middle of July! So between now and then, a brand new, up to date, totally expensive and most functionable central heating and air conditioning system unit is in order! I will be calling my local heating and air conditioning company as soon as I can to start finding out what the best heat and a/c systems they have are. I want it to be the top of the line. Because not only the wedding will need to be comfortable, but I would also want to have the best indoor comfort this summer. Especially with the kind of temperatures that are ahead. I am so happy for my sister though and I hope that her life with her new hubby is going to be wonderful.



What i always wanted

I always wanted to be a certified heating and air conditioning specialist.

However, I ended up taking the wrong path when I graduated from high school.

Because of the pressures of my family to go into their business of auto repair, I did that instead. But now after turning 30 just last week, I decided that they do not control me anymore and that I have to do what makes me happy, not them. After all, they are going to be departing this life way before me. And I have no desire to stay in the family auto repair business! So I decided to sign up for classes at this local HVAC school and get my education going to get my heating and air conditioning certification. The classes are actually only at night and should take me no more than 6 months to go through them all and get my official heating and air conditioning licence to be able to start working in the HVAC business. Not sure if I am going to run to a local heating and air conditioning company or try to go into business for myself as an independent heating and air conditioning contractor. But all I do know is that I will be legally bonded and ready to go out there and start my new career in the world of heating and air conditioning installation and repair! I am truly looking forward to it. And actually, my parents completely understand and support me on the choice I have made. They see I wasn’t happy.

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The a/c was too cold

I went to this out of town hotel on business a few months back and they had the central air conditioning really cranked too high in the lobby.

The rooms were ok and the air conditioning was actually perfect in there.

But for some reason that lobby was just too darn cold! Every time I had to walk through there I wanted to go run outside in the over one hundred degree temperatures it was that cold! I eventually asked the desk clerk what was up with all of this over powered air conditioning and they told me that they had HVAC zone control, and that the HVAC zone control was cranked in the lobby to high a/c because of the doors opening and closing and the people coming in and out. They said that it offsets the heat when it is really busy and keeps the lobby cool. However, it just so happened that everytime I passed through the lobby there was not much going on, which is why it was super freezing. But as soon as the high time where people were coming in and out reached, it would pan out to normal temperatures. I found out what time of the day that was so I could just avoid the lobby all together until that time. Because this air conditioning was way too much. They need to figure out some other way to make this work, because the HVAC zone control just aint cuttin it in my opinion. I was glad I was only there for a few days!

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The talk show

I listen to a talk show every afternoon when I get home from work.

It is on the local AM radio station.

One of the few radio stations left that has talk shows on it. And let me tell you, this talk show can be very informative. I have learned so many things because of it. One of those things was recent. And I found out something that is going to change the entire way I heat my home next winter. It is called radiant heated flooring. Also known as radiant heated floors. The general idea is that the heating is provided through hot water pipes mostly instead of electric heating. And no, radiant heated floors are not nuclear like they sound. They are perfectly safe and a great energy saver. The energy savings I will save in the colder winters with radiant heated floors are supposed to be amazing. And I am looking forward to this next winter. The other good thing I learned from this talk show about radiant heated floors is that if I order them and have them installed in the summer time they would be cheaper. As all heating and air conditioning companies give discounts on radiant heated floors this time of year in order to sell them. Because most people are thinking about air conditioning this time of the year, not heating. So I will be doing this in the next month or so once I have the down payment all set up to pay for the radiant heated floors. I owe it all to this great talk show.

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Starting out earlier

In the harsh cold winters here back east, I always have to get up about an hour earlier for work than I do in the spring and the summer months of the year.

The reason for this is that I have to start my car to get the central heating system inside it flowing! As it is when I come outside the car itself could sometimes be frozen shut and covered in ice.

And I have to use a scraper to get the ice off and get the door opened to start the car and let it run with the central heating going at full force. While that is going I make sure that I have everything else ready to roll. Then, after about 15 minutes of letting the car run in my garage it is good to go and I can get in the car and go to work with the great central heating system. I always keep my central heating and air conditioning in the car tuned up as much as possible. That is one of the main things I have done when I send my car into the shop to have it checked up on. Almost the same concept as having the regular HVAC unit in my home tuned up and checked up. It is important to have good indoor comfort in your car all year round if you are going to be driving it a lot. And because I work about 20 minutes away from my home this is really needed to always have quality heating and air conditioning no matter what.

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