My sister likes to converse through song

I have an unusual sibling who loves to sing. She sings when she is trying to tell people something or give them a hint. Recently, my sibling has been coming over to my apartment to visit & she starts singing about somebody needing to improve their air quality within their home. When she first started, did not let it bother me, despite the fact that she comes over a few times a week. She is always singing a tune about somebody forgetting to change their air filter to their HVAC system, so I told her that I do in fact change the air filter. Then, she asked me about my duct work. I had to tell her that she better not begin singing about duct cleaning, but she just ignored me. She broke out in song & after that I began chasing her. I realized that she was right though, because I had to do something about the air quality inside my apartment & she was merely dropping hints through song. She’s a talented singer & she’s always practicing her vocals. It does not matter if it is through conversation or if she is practicing her music, she just adores singing whenever she can. She has been in several musicals & she has a dream to make it big so she can sing in front of countless people. I do suppose that she will make it someday, I just hope that she does not continue to sing to me or my HVAC complications, that really gets on my nerves.


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What can I say, my sister loves to sing, even about my HVAC troubles

I have a weird sister who loves to sing.

She even does this when she’s trying to tell people something or give them a hint.

Well, lately, my sister would come over to my home to visit and she would start singing about somebody needing to improve the air quality in their home. At first I didn’t let it bother me, but she came over a few more times and she was singing a tune about somebody forgetting to change the air filter to their HVAC system. I told my sister that I did change the air filters regularly, and then she asked me about the ductwork system. I told her she better not start singing about an official ductwork cleaning, but she ignored me. She went into song and then I started chasing her. She just laughed when I caught her and I just let her go. I realized that she was right, that I had to do something about the air quality in my home and she was merely dropping hints through her music. She actually is a talented singer and she is always practicing her vocals. It doesn’t matter if it’s just conversation or if she is practicing her music, she just loves to sing whenever she can. She has been in numerous plays and she has a dream to make it big one day and sing in front of countless people. I do believe that she will make it one of these days, I just hope that she doesn’t continue to sing to me about my HVAC complications, that really gets on my nerves.

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Employees and SEO business

When starting my own SEO business, there were a lot of things I didn’t expect, and a lot of things that I had to learn.

Luckily, since most of my family is into business, I had free advice from most of my family members.

Through my mother, who had her own digital marketing company, she informed me of the importance of SEO. If I wanted businesses to rank well, Search Engine Optimization was the way to go. I took her advice and researched how to apply SEO into websites. I took keywords that business would use, like one was for a timber company, so keywords like wood were compiled into a list. I then hired writers who could write the keywords into normal articles so they could be placed on the business’s website. Most of the writers could work from home, but some of my better quality workers I would have met in person to give separate projects. The only problem with this is the fact that some of the people who would work at home, would not turn in their projects as they should, and some were repeat offenders. Although apart from the few who didn’t turn in their work as they should, most of them did an excellent job. I still have a lot to learn about maintaining a SEO company, but from what I have learned so far has helped keep my business afloat. I am hoping I can soon help a lot of business rank better in the search engine, and hopefully my business will become well known.



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Celebrities and HVAC marketing

Of all of the ways I have tried when it comes to digital marketing, one of the best ways I have found is to somehow involve celebrities.

Most people absolutely love celebrities, and if you managed to get one to say something positive about your business, your amount of customers will surge.

While a lot of other online advertising methods have worked well, but you also have a lot of other business competing with you, usually using the same tactics. I have done a couple of different things to help my business stand out among the crowd. One is editing my website. I compared all of my competitors websites and none of them had anything memorable about them, most were just plain. I wanted mine to still look professional, but also have a more unique look to it. So I changed the web design and layout of mine, to make it more appealing. The one that worked the most was having a celebrity say something positive about our company. A famous actor had a new a/c system installed, and we worked out a deal that would benefit us both. I had them advertise on TV about our great service we provided, as well as I added a picture and quote of them saying that to the website. Very soon afterwards, we had a ton of people come in for basic maintenance and other service, a lot of which talked about the celebrity. Although we have also had a few crazy fans, those were few and we for the most part had a lot more business. Now that is something I can say that other HVAC providers can’t, that I have a celebrity that supports my business.


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Becoming digital marketing savvy

Everyone has that one person in their family that is naturally good at technology, they are tech savvy.

Well I think as of recently I have become online marketing savvy.

Ever since I have found that there are ways to advertise and get great results on the internet, I have done a lot of research and really invested in making my website’s visibility the best it can be. While there are plenty of options to freely advertise your business or website, I would highly suggest going for the paid ones as well. Even though they aren’t free, once you get enough website traffic, your profits will quickly overtake your cost. Starting out, I didn’t make very much money from a PPC form of advertising. Not very many people who clicked on my website were buying, but eventually as I advertised more and more, I finally began to reach my target audience and started having more people buy service from my company. For example, my business is for air conditioning and heating. So when a potential customer clicks on the ad and sees that I offer certain deals, that is usually enough to get them to have their HVAC units serviced. Although the startup was slow, SEO and pay per click have greatly increased the amount of people who see my website and the amount of business I get each month as a result has increased. This is why I would highly suggest for anyone looking for ways to better advertise their business, to try getting a website, SEO or PPC. Becoming digital marketing savvy has greatly improved my online experience and knowledge.

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Using ads and a website for marketing

I have been using online marketing for awhile now, and while it was very efficient and I had much success with it, I wanted to change a few things.

For the most part, I was only having ads for TV and some ads before videos.

I decided to start SEM, Search Engine Marketing, so my ads can start appearing at the top of Google. Something else that I know would work is giving an update to my company’s website. I didn’t want to change that much, just maybe redo the color and font. Updating my website’s design would make it look newer and more professional, and some other updates I could use is adding some new keywords. Over time, my heating and cooling company has added a store for HVAC technology related things, so using Search Engine Optimization, I added new keywords regarding all HVAC technology so now my website will be completely updated. I probably should have done all of these updates awhile ago, since I knew it would help bring more business, but I ended up putting it off for awhile. Now that I finally updated my website as well as added other forms of advertisement, it was time for one of my most favorite advertising. Free advertising, specifically social media advertising. Most people spend hours a day going through pages of social media and finding all kinds of topics. If I have a page specifically dedicated to my business, chances are some people will find it, and that’s enough to put a thought in their head to check out my website. This is why online marketing works perfectly.
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Finding the right marketing company

For advertising, there are plenty of companies out there with the promise of making your business big and have a wave of customers come in.

But how many are actually true? I would see all of these advertisements about what a great marketing company it is, but when I would actually research into this marketing company, the reviews would say otherwise. The first company I tried out seemed to be good at first, but I really didn’t notice any increase in my business and the ads they put out seemed lazy. The second one I tried came off as very rude and condescending, and they seemed to just expect me to shovel money on over, no questions asked. I decided to start looking at reviews first, before even calling. If I want my digital marketing experience to be successful, I need to first find a good online marketing business. I finally found one company that seemed promising, and I gave them a call. The lady on the phone was very nice and answered all of my questions. She also went through and explained what the company would do, how they would help bring attention to my ads and different ways I could help build my business up. I think I have finally found a perfect online marketing business, but to be sure, I went on a trial for a month with them. I definitely noticed an increase in customers during that month, and that was only with the trial! I knew I have finally found my perfect marketing company and I left them a good review online.


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Just one more step to comfort

My husband plus I purchased a historic condo for ourselves a couple years after the kid had moved out.

We were looking for a change plus honestly needed to downsize.

Our current condo is attractive, plus the two of us very honestly enjoy being able to live in an area of history. Unfortunately, the heating plus cooling system situated in the condo is very inconsistent. We have been getting by with tons of fans plus section heaters, however the two of us have been saving our combined cash plus the two of us plan to look into zoned Heating plus A/C. We were often discussing the issue of inconsistent heating plus cooling to our favorite Heating plus A/C provider not long after the two of us had moved in plus we realized it was awful. Then, the air conditioning specialist on the cellphone had highly suggested that for starters the two of us look into zoned Heating plus A/C as a way to mitigate that terrible issue plus hopefully solve it altogether. We decided to go for it in the end, plus when the Heating plus A/C serviceman came, he was kind enough to fully explain to my husband plus I exactly how zoned Heating plus A/C works. I’m so glad that the two of us decided to go for the zoned Heating plus A/C, because for us the weather conditions control is much more consistent plus comfortable now. The excellent Heating plus A/C serviceman also provided us with some additional energy saving tips that we needed. He said that he also lived in a historic condo and it’s so nice to enjoy the visual appeal of a seasoned condo mixed with the current luxury of electric heating plus cooling.


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Now we take care of everyone

My associate plus I have recently successfully become certified Heating plus A/C servicemen in our town plus the two of us are looking to start our own Heating plus A/C Company as soon as possible.

  • The Heating plus A/C providers in this section have constantly had an all-around pretty awful reputation; batched Heating plus A/C repairs or Heating plus A/C installations, scummy corporation practices, tardy air conditioning services, etc.

There really honestly hasn’t been an Heating plus A/C provider who seemed to have cared about getting quality heating plus cooling services to clients. A lot of super huge companies from the city send out Heating plus A/C servicemens who don’t love the people here the way mem plus my associate do. We will offer a wide array of services including heating plus A/C service appointments (of course), ductwork cleaning, energy saving tips, new radiant heat flooring installation, Heating plus A/C idea installation jobs (including hybrid Heating plus A/C systems), indoor air cleaning and equipment installation, you name it! We offer our local clients a full-service Heating plus full A/C service business that loves them. Our Heating plus A/C servicemen won’t be spread too thin trying to tend to the needs of everybody located in the tri-state area. There are multiple places in this historic section that are currently just looking for Heating plus A/C serviceman to update their systems int he area plus not try to rip them off in the process. We’re focused on our town plus providing the best Heating plus A/C solutions available for our loyal customer base. We’re excited to get started now. We hope the calls start coming in soon.

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The studio is best with HVAC

I am sure by this point just about pretty much everyone on this planet has heard of a she-shed.

I would just like to say that, of course, while I had not called it a “she-shed” before this day, I had had a she-shed for multiple years before they became so wildly popular.

Last year, my husband surprised myself and others for my upcoming birthday plus said he was going to have heating plus cooling professionally installed in my she-shed. I was so excited! I enjoy my she-shed more than anything. It is where I go to read books plus write my journals. That cute little shed provides myself and others with a reprieve from the afternoon-to-day plus you know I honestly enjoy it. Until last year, I was only able to go out to my tiny building in the warm weather because it was way too terrible to rest out there in the Winter time without heating. Even in the summers, being out there without air conditioning was a little too much. Honestly, I very only got good use each week out of my she-shed in the Springtime plus fall because I didn’t even have any weather control to make the otherwise drastic temperatures bearable. My dear husband had called our Heating plus A/C provider plus had secretly scheduled for the Heating plus A/C serviceman to come out the afternoon after my 60th birthday to install the Heating plus A/C idea in my she-shed. I left him a great review on the Heating plus A/C provider’s website, because getting heating plus cooling installed in my she-shed was 1 of the best gifts I have ever acquired in my life!
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