Duct tape couldn’t fix my ductwork

I had to laugh at the reaction my husband had when he realized we had a leak in our ductwork. I told him to call the HVAC company and have them send someone to the house to repair the leaks, but he planned on dealing with it himself. He pulled out his trusty duct tape and went to work. He had used up nearly an entire roll, but it wasn’t sticking to the ductwork and the leak was still there. He realized he had more than one leak, so he went to town to see if he could get some kind of sealant. Three stores all gave him the same opinion. He needed to hire a professional ductwork sealer if he wanted the job done properly. He called the HVAC company the next day and they told him they had someone who was able to clean and seal the ductwork for us. He was grumbling over the expense of having someone come to the house, but we still made the appointment. The HvAC tech showed up with all of her equipment. First she cleaned and sanitized the ductwork. She blocked off all of the air vents and blew aeroseal into the ductwork. Aeroseal is laced with adhesive polymer crystals. As it goes through the ductwork, it tries to escape through every crack and hole in the ductwork. As it tries to escape, it attaches itself to the sides of the holes and eventually seals the leak. It was quick and there was no mess to clean up afterward. I’m sure we’ll see some real savings on our energy bills now that we aren’t losing a lot of our heating and air conditioning into the air.

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The ductless mini split is easy to install

My husband and I had been searching for a supplemental heating and air conditioning system for quite some time.

We had one area of the house that we could never make comfortable, no matter what we did. We even tried putting the fan in the wall to try to get heating and AC from the opposite rooms. Unfortunately, it only made the other room colder and hotter. We had been hearing a lot about the ductless mini split HVAC system. We decided to do our own research and find out about the cost and installation. You have no idea how surprised we were to find out that we were able to do our own installation and that it was going to be quick and simple. All we had to do was to drill a three inch hole in the outside wall of the room we were going to use the HVAC unit in. We connected the outside condenser unit to the inside air handler with conduit which went through the hole. I was surprised that it took us less than a couple hours to get the ductless mini split unit running. The idea of having a HVAC system that was efficient in both energy, heating and cooling, was quite a draw to purchase the ductless mini split. Being able to install the ductless mini split on our own and with such ease, is what cinched the purchase. We are still in awe of how the once unheatable and uncoolable area has now become one of the most comfortable areas in our house.

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We forgot about the HVAC for the house

We lived in an area where the temperatures regularly go below freezing and stay there for long periods of time

We had so many things to think about when we started thinking about building a home of our own. We thought about how many bedrooms and if we wanted a bathroom for each room. We thought about the size of the closets and how we wanted the rooms rearranged. My husband and I even planned the landscaping, but it wasn’t until we got a call from the building contractor about talking to a HVAC contractor that we gave any thought to the heating and air conditioning. We did a lot of chatting amongst ourselves after that phone call, but we still needed to talk to the HVAC contractor. Once we contacted him, he made an appointment to come to his office. He had all the plans he needed to help us better choose what we needed and wanted. The first thing I told him was that we weren’t interested in having ductwork in the house. We had thought it may be nice to have a geothermal system, but we were concerned with the added cost of the geothermal. It would be efficient, but it was an added cost we weren’t prepared for at the moment. The heat pump seemed to be a good idea, but the HVAC contractor told us that with a heat pump, we would need to have a back up heating system. We lived in an area where the temperatures regularly go below freezing and stay there for long periods of time. His other suggestion was a ductless mini split for air conditioning and a boiler for heating. The boiler would also allow me to have radiant heated flooring in my bathrooms..


I can’t afford to have the furnace fixed

It isn’t like I didn’t know there was a problem with the furnace, because I did.

I had the HVAC technician come to the house and do my annual inspection and he told me there was a problem.

They wanted me to fix the furnace then, but I couldn’t afford it. I was hoping it would wait until I got my pay from my job, but my furnace didn’t want to wait. I had already waited too long for the inspection of the furnace and had I had the work done when I had the inspection done, I would be warm and cozy right now. I wouldn’t need to worry about having two girls who are upset with me for allowing them to freeze. To be honest, they aren’t really freezing. I have electric blankets for them to keep them warm. They have plenty of cold weather clothing and they will only be uncomfortable for a couple more hours. I should have called the HVAC when it broke down two days ago, but I didn’t want to pay for the added cost of an emergency weekend call. I called first thing Monday morning, hoping they could come right out, but I was just one more on their list. I had to wait for two more days, but they will be here soon. I had to use the electric space heaters to keep the pipes from freezing, but now, they are on their way. The HVAC technician already has the part for my furnaced and in a couple hours, we will have heat again.

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My ductwork is giant germ factory

I had no idea what was going, but all of a sudden I was having some really difficult breathing problems. I was taking all kinds of medicine but I never felt any better. I would wake up with headaches and sore throats. I was beginning to get a rash that covers my body. I called my doctor so I could find out if there was some kind of flu bug that I could have. My doctor told me he didn’t think there was any problems with my health. The only thing he could tell me was that it appeared to be an environmental problem. He asked me when I last had my HVAC system cleaned and I thought he was crazy. I was thinking he was just trying to drum up business for the HVAC company his brother owned. However, I did go home and call the HVAC company and I told them my situation. They promised to send someone out to look at my HVAC system. The first thing they did was to clean the furnace and the air conditioner and to install new air filters. He then checked all of the air vents and the ductwork. He told me that I needed to have my ductwork cleaned and sanitized and that should make a big difference. Within ten minutes after he had the ductwork cleaned, I was beginning to feel much better. A week later, I was feeling so good that I wanted to call the HVAC company and tell them they saved my life. I also wanted to call my doctor and tell him thank you.

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Not all air vents have the same airflow

I was so thrilled to get the keys to my home.

It was the first home I had of my own and I was thrilled to have got it for such an amazing price. It had three bedrooms, two baths, and it was right on the lake. I couldn’t understand how I could have got the house at such a ridiculously low price, but I didn’t know what I was about to find out. I knew I had a problem when I tried to use the bathroom in the guest room. The bathroom didn’t have the water connected to it, there was water in the basement and I also had to have something done with the air conditioning. I didn’t realize that whenever it rained, I had to worry about water getting into the basement. I had to call the plumber and the HVAC company to have my home fixed. The worst part was when the HVAC repairman told me the furnace wasn’t able to be repaired. I had to purchase an entirely new HVAC system for my home, and I hadn’t even moved into yet. I told my dad that I wish I had listened when they told me I should have the inspections done. I’m not sure I would have listened to them either. I’m going to have to have the HVAC system replaced and I also need to make sure my home is waterproofed. Maybe I’ll be able to sell the house for more than I paid for it, in less than a year or two.

Air conditioning repair

Why does my AC unit smell sunny?

I had been working for almost a year without a single day off.

For a bonus for my getting all of the work done on time, and it being done so well, my boss sent me on vacation.

I got to go on a two week tour of Europe. I absolutely loved the trip and going to so many different places, but I knew that I would have to come home, eventually. I was surprised that I was so anxious to get home. I missed my puppy and my home. Even with all of the amazing travelling I did, I couldn’t wait to get home to both of them. I walked into the house, and my sister was there to greet me. She had my puppy with her and he was jumping up and down so much that he almost knocked me over. We got into the house and I noticed there was a really odd smell in the house. I didn’t think I had left anything sitting around, but there had to be something in the house. I was walking around looking for anything remiss, but there wasn’t anything there. When the air conditioning turned on, there was the most obnoxious odor. I decided I needed to call the HVAC company to see if there was something there I couldn’t see. I was glad I called the HVAC company. When they showed up, they found I had mold in my air ducts. The air conditioning had been on, but the problem was that it was not enough to keep the mold from growing. We had to clean the air ducts and ductwork in order to be able to get rid of the mold.


Electric heat pump

I need new air conditioning, but what kind?

I found out there were several HVAC units that I could try.

I know that I am kind of spoiled by my parents, but I hate it when they say my uncle spoils me. I do live in the basement of my uncle’s house. I don’t pay any rent, but I do pay for my own energy bills. I do a lot of house sitting while he is away on business. It just seemed easier to move into his apartment in the basement, since I was here so often. I don’t mind paying the energy bills because of the amazing insulation in the basement. It is always naturally cool because of the geothermal cooling of the room being underground. The only time I haven’t been happy was when my uncle was away for a few weeks and my air conditioning wasn’t working. Although I still had the geothermal cooling, it often got a bit humid because of the geothermal insulation doing such a good job. I also had a window air conditioner, but I didn’t want to block the window anymore. The air conditioner worked well until it quit working. I wanted to buy a new air conditioning unit, but I didn’t know what kind of AC unit to buy. I thought I may just get a new window air conditioning unit, but as I said, I didn’t want to block my window again. I found out there were several HVAC units that I could try. I finally went with a ductless mini split unit. It just made sense since I didn’t have air conditioning. I was told the ductless mini split would not just be easy to use, but it would also save money on my energy bills.


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Energy bills are through the roof

I was hoping to be able to catch over the spring months, but then summer arrived and the air conditioning was running

I had a couple rough years where I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go in. I was having troubles with handling my money and I seemed to always need to borrow from my parents. My mom and dad were there for me, but they eventually told me I had to learn to do this for myself. They tried to give me direction and they also wanted me to be independent. With their help, I was able to learn to budget my money and learn how to be independent. It took me nearly twenty years to find my own way, but I think I have finally done it. The problem I am having is trying to stick with my budget during the summer and winter. I should have known that summer and winter would be the hardest times to budget, but I didn’t think about it. I knew I would need to have air conditioning and heating. I should have known that my energy bills would be higher because of the heating and air conditioning. I completely blocked that out and still budgeted the same way. I could hear the furnace running early in November and I started calculating the change in my spending. I heard the furnace running even more in December and then in January. I was hoping to be able to catch over the spring months, but then summer arrived and the air conditioning was running. I need to learn how to set the thermostat a bit higher in the summer and lower in the winter. I need to be careful and if it means a bit of discomfort, then I can change how I use the thermostat.
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My dad’s main job is giving me second and first opinions

He even tested the HVAC system

The entire time I was growing up, my dad was always there to help me out. He gave so much valuable information that I still use to this very day. He allowed me to work with him when he was doing household repairs and he even showed me how to work on the car. I never thought of him as being handy, just as being perfect. When I got older, I got into electronics and I was surprised to realize that dad knew more than I thought. We sat down for a while, once I was out of college, and he tried to tell me how important it was to save my money and get a home of my own. He not only went with me to look at the houses, but he did a lot of my inspections for me. That was the first time I knew what my dad did for a living. Dad was a home inspector for new homebuyers. I thought I had found the perfect house until dad came with me and did the inspection. He even tested the HVAC system. The air conditioning seemed to be working well, but dad said it was going to need to have a thorough cleaning. He detected the odor of mold coming from the ductwork and the furnace was having a difficult time building heat. My dad told me about his HVAC company and said that he would buy the house, but I needed to call the HVAC company and get an estimate of what it was going to cost to do all of the repairs.

Hybrid HVAC system