Exercise works to enhance mood, body and mind

Physical fitness is a big part of mental wellness. Studies have proven that physical fitness helps to boost mood and mental health. Exercise is a great defense against anxiety and other types of depression. Moderate physical activity works to release endorphins that aid the body and mind in many ways. Another reward of physical fitness is lower stress levels. Studies have shown that elevating the heart rate by 20% can help to combat many stress-related problems. Exercise can also increase confidence and lead to better self esteem. Whether you are exercising to trim weight, improve muscle tone, or to remain physically fit, regular exercise can benefit all parts of the mind, body, and spirit. Another advantage of a dedicated physical fitness program is sleeping better at night. A series of sleep studies have indicated that exercise before bedtime can work to increase the level of REM sleep during the night. Those who exercise before bedtime or 45% more likely to get 6 hours or more of sleep during the night. Those with no exercise or physical exertion before bedtime only slept soundly for around 5 hours. There are so many wonderful benefits to physical fitness and regular exercise. When my doctor recommended a nighttime exercise program to combat mental stress, I wasn’t convinced it would make a difference. After several weeks of dedicated exercise, I can honestly say that the benefits are huge and the results are miraculous. I feel so much better and have more energy during the day and I am enjoying better sleep at night. My stress levels are gradually lessening over time. I plan to continue to exercise every evening and improve my physical fitness.

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My fitness partner is intense

My friends and I signed up for a group physical training class once per week at the core progression nearby.

It is a good excuse to get together and hang out without boyfriends.

We take our fitness class and then go out to dinner and chat. The fitness class is not the priority and we don’t take it too seriously. We strive to burn sufficient calories so make up for eating our weight in snacks and drinking way too many margs afterwards. The personal trainer continually requires us to participate in partner work. Since my friends and I are a group of five, one of us needs to partner with a random person. I am always the odd person out. I think my friends do it to me deliberately, because then I get stuck with Linda every week. She is super intense. Linda clearly takes the class very seriously. She is determined to get an exceptional workout in. When the trainer asks us to do leg lifts, she knocks my legs down so hard that they thud against the mat. When we toss a medicine ball back plus forth, Linda won’t quit and is super rough. She always insists we do an extra rep, go faster than everyone else and push harder. By the end of class, I can barely lift my arms and I am so overheated. The rest of the week, I suffer from sore muscles and I’m tired. My friends find my complaints hilarious. I get stuck with the drill sergeant every week. The personal trainer often has us demonstrate exercises because Linda is enthusiastic and dedicated. She refuses to let me just get by and enjoy the class.

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Knowing what to eat

If you have ever tried to lose weight, or acquire weight, or maintain your ideal weight, you know that it is not constantly so self-explanatory.

About 40% of Americans are obese, & the reasons are certainly numerous. One reason is easily the food industry. In any given supermarket, about 70% of the space is dedicated to processed foods. Anything that is in a package is processed, then look in your cupboards. How several packaged foods are there? You may guess that you are eating healthy foods, but if everything you eat comes in a box, bag, or pouch, you are certainly not eating healthily. Nutritional counseling is vital in today’s world of processed food. If you have diabetes, you need nutritional counseling. If you have high blood pressure, beware of the salt in packaged foods. Your health system certainly has some accommodation for you to get nutritional counseling, either for free or with a low co-pay. That is because it is so pressing. In addition to being committed to eating the right way, you also need to get up & move. One way to get more exercise is to join a gym, but if you do get a gym membership, you need to honestly use it! Most gym memberships come with more than just a room for weight lifting. They also often offer nutritional counseling, yoga, workout classes, pretty facilities with a sauna or steam room, possibly a swimming pool, & most pressingly, certified fitness experts. You may be able to find a health & fitness center that has everything you need to become the best weight you can be & in the best physical shape of your life. Good luck in your search for a gym & for nutritional counseling that will help you reach your weight goals.
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Being a fitness expert

Ou could be a workout planner for a hospital or clinic.

Do you live in the world of dreaming about getting paid to exercise? I don’t care for exercise, but even I guess it might be wonderful to exercise for pay. In fact, that would be the only way I would appreciate it! Anyway, if you are interested in a work that helps people be the best physical selves they can be, you might want to consider becoming a personal fitness trainer. Personal fitness trainers are employed by just about every gym & body wellness center there is. You could be a correct employee, or you could also be self-employed & labor at a gym as a contracted, 1099 employee. Other locales have personal trainers on staff as well, & some people simply hire a personal trainer to help them get in shape & develop a workout program to keep them in shape. Also, personal fitness trainers can get specialized certifications on top of the basic personal fitness certification. YOu could get a certification that offers you the option to do nutritional counseling. You could teach group workout classes or semi-private workout classes. You could lead a yoga class or a wellness & reclaimy program for addicts. Periodically, pregnant ladies will turn to a personal trainer for help working out while I was in pregnancy. Ou could be a workout planner for a hospital or clinic. If you want to be a certified fitness expert, locate the certification group online & follow their instruction on how to do it. You need to be over 18 & then you need to take a lot of coursework, generally available online. Once you complete your coursework, you will have to do an internship & take the appropriate certification exam.



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At the wellness center

When you transport to a modern city, 1 of the first things you need to do is find a modern nurse.

  • Periodically, you have to find a nurse even if you are not modern to town.

For example, the nurse I have had for years has now retired. So, I recently headed out in search of a modern nurse. My health system has about a million nurses to choose from, so I wasn’t too distraught about it. Eventually, I decided on this nurse who calls her office a body wellness center. I have driven by there several times, & I constantly thought it was a gym! But it isn’t a gym, it is a nurse’s office. Even so, it is quite an interesting locale. She has a lot of unusual employees & programs because she believes in a holistic approach to health. Several companies have corporate wellness programs set up with her so their employees can go to her. She offers a certified nutritionist who gives nutritional counseling. The old saying, you are what you eat, is true, so nutritional counseling is pressing to nice health. She also has an employee who will rest down with you & help you develop a workout system that is sufficient & conducive to your life. Although she does not have any personal trainers on staff, she does have a nice working relationship with several local personal trainers & recommends getting personal fitness training from any 1 of them. In the same complex as her body wellness center, there is a yoga studio. Yoga is not for all the people, but for those who want to take yoga, it is right there conveniently located.


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I love their pool!

I have been looking for the perfect locale for me to join to put my workout plans into locale. First, I asked around to my friends & colleagues about what gyms they belong to, where they take their yoga classes, etc. Then, I looked online to see what local gyms there are in my city. There are a lot of gyms in my city! The people I was with and I have a couple of cross fit gyms, which I guess might be way out of my league, at least by the look of their websites. The people I was with and I have several locales that call themselves a health & fitness center, & from what I can tell, those locales have weight lifting, personal training service, workout classes, & stuff love that. Then, there are gyms that are actual gyms that use the term in the old-fashioned way, meaning they have basketball courts & boxing training. I guess what I am most looking for is a nice health & fitness center that has certified trainers on staff, a pool to swim laps in, straight-forward but beneficial workout machines, & a multitude of workout classes to keep me from getting bored. Well, I found this 1 body wellness center that just has the most incredible perks. They have this great sauna, & when I was visiting there, no 1 was using it! In addition, they have these current & charming locker rooms. This makes a giant difference because I will need to get dressed to go to labor after my day workout classes. They have a smoothie bar & offer towels at the swimming pool. I love that 1. I guess I found a gym membership for me!

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Covering all the expenses

I labor at a job that pays me a great wage.

That is modern for me; for my entire life, I have absolutely never had great paying jobs.

When I was first married, I worked as a pharmacy professional. I enjoyed it, but it paid next to nothing. Then, I worked as a bank teller. Again, the labor environment was a nice 1, but the salary was pathetic. Then, I became an educator. Don’t even ask. Then I worked for a religious institution; again, the pay was not the best, but 1 thing they did offer was gym membership discounts. I enjoyed that. They put a corporate wellness program into the locale while I was emplotted there. Now, though, I no longer get a gym membership discount. In fact, I have only several benefits at my current job. I have wonderful health insurance & a month of paid time off. I love the health insurance because my health system reimburses me for the cost of my gym membership. Alternatively, if I love not to join a gym, it will pay for my yoga classes, nutritional counseling sessions, or semi-private fitness training classes if I love to just take classes on my own without having a gym membership. I guess it is so wonderful that my health system offers this benefit. I bet it saves them money in the long run, as well, as healthier people do not need to go to the nurse as much or have overpriced surgeries & such. If you don’t have an absolutely wonderful health system where you work, I hope they cover funeral expenses.
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Stick with the HVAC contractor for best results

My wife and I just celebrated the fact that we finally completed the last finishing touches on our newly constructed home.

It was less celebration as it was limping to the finish line. However, as we opened the champagne in the perfect HVAC comfort of our new home, I did feel so very satisfied. There is nothing easy about building a home from the foundation up. It is an arduous process that seems to go on forever. We found that everything our friends warned us about came to fruition. Fortunately, we had a decent general contractor. However, to get him we had to accept that he would only be responsible for the actual structure. He had too many irons in the fire and couldn’t oversee the entire project. That meant the the majority of the subcontractors were up to us to schedule and find. It was quite the experience. Instead of coming home, grabbing a beer and relaxing in the HVAC, I had to field phone calls and interview subcontractors. It was tiresome but, it had to be done properly in order to get the house we wanted. We hit the jackpot with the HVAC contractor. That was after we almost allowed the plumbing contractor to bring in his HVAC guy just to save time. But, we did our due diligence and found the right HVAC person. She was super experienced and just the most professional of all the contractors. Our HVAC contractor listened to our needs and developed a plan that perfectly suited those needs. It cost us nearly a month but, it was so worth it. Our house is awesome and the HVAC is just brilliant.

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HOA threatens but ultimately lets go

Anyone who lives in a gated community knows they will have to deal with and abide by HOA rules.

I get it, it’s meant to protect property value and keep a certain standard.

Yet, there are situations when some of those rule interpretations border on the absurd. Recently, I found a note on my door demanding that I do more to hide the HVAC condenser cabinet outside my home. Apparently, the HOA finds the 12 years old HVAC cabinet to be an eyesore. So, they want me to build a fence or completely replace the HVAC. That led me to attend my very first HOA meeting. When the floor opened for questions, I asked an HOA board member to quote the exact HOA code that related to my HVAC unit. That member promptly read from an HOA code book which, at best, offered a vague and rather broad stipulation concerning HVAC appearance. The answer given couldn’t really even be applied to my situation. Then, I read aloud the letter that was left on my door. A different board member became obviously uncomfortable and began to blush. Once I was finished, I asked that flustered HOA board member to explain how I should cover the HVAC. He went on to describe some elaborate fencing deal that would cover the HVAC. I reminded him that HVAC condenser units have to have maximum airflow in order to operate. He squirmed some more as every person in the room was paying close attention. He got so flustered that he launched into a diatribe about how cheap I was not to have a new HVAC. That was the end of him as the chairman of the HOA dismissed the notice.

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I have HVAC so why does my house have separate climates

More and more, I feel like my family and I are living in several different temperate zones at once.

And, that has nothing to do with where we live.

I am talking about the HVAC controlled home that we live in. Working in my office, during the winter, leads to me having to peel off layers to stay comfortable. However, as soon as I leave the office for bed, I actually have to put on socks it’s so cold. My children are complaining during the summer that they just don’t get any good HVAC cooling in their rooms. But, at the same time, the guest bedroom is actually chilly. Nobody is happy with the state of the HVAC in our home. I have tried to be sure that all the HVAC vents are open and unobstructed. I even thought the ductwork might me clogged up. I had a company come out and thoroughly clean the ducts. It made no change in how the HVAC is distributed in our home. I brought the local experts from the HVAC in to diagnose and fix the problem because we just couldn’t deal any longer. The HVAC tech walked every inch of the home with an instant read temperature gauge. He also checked the airflow in different parts of the house. Finally, he double checked the working order of the HVAC. It was fine as it had been when he last serviced it. The problem was the former owners destroyed the airflow design by creating more rooms. His suggestion was to use room to room ventilators. They are little fans in the walls that help distribute the HVAC airflow more evenly. This solution worked like a charm.



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